Teaching Interest Group

The Teaching Interest Group (TIG) explores teaching initiatives that apply empirically-based practices to improve student learning. The TIG’s primary research foci are learning strategies; learning outcomes; students’ perceptions of their learning experiences; changes to students’ learning approaches; active learning experiences; and the integration of technologies in our classrooms. The TIG embraces innovative teaching methods to enrich undergraduate learning and will raise undergraduate community leaders by equipping them with critical thinking skills and hands-on learning experiences. Members of the TIG are also actively engaged with the Center for Teaching Excellence. The TIG meets in the Howell Conference Room on the fourth floor of Sewall Hall on the second Thursday of each month from 12:00PM – 1:00PM.


Chase Lesane-Brown
Özge Gürcanlı
Collette Nicolau
Sandy Parsons
Carissa Zimmerman

Primary Contact: Özge Gürcanlı