Course Descriptions

PSYC 502 - Advanced Psychological Statistics I - Introduction to inferential statistics, with emphasis on analysis of variance.

PSYC 503 - Advanced Psychological Statistics II - A continuation of PSYC 502, focusing on multiple regressions. Other multivariate techniques and distribution-free statistics are also covered.

PSYC 507 - Research Methods - Graduate-level treatment of a wide range of laboratory and field research methodologies.

PSYC 530 - Foundations of I-O Psychology - Graduate-level introduction to the study of human behavior in the work setting.

PSYC 533 - I-O Psychology Research Seminar - A weekly student-staff seminar on various industrial-organizational psychology topics.

PSYC 550 - Foundations of Social Psychology - Review of theories of social psychology with an emphasis on current empirical research.

PSYC 601 - Multivariate Statistics - This course provides an overview of a wide range of concepts and skills for conducting data analysis on multivariate data sets encountered in psychology. Issues involve preparing the data set, selecting and conducting the appropriate analysis, interpreting the output from statistical programs, and presenting complex analyses and results in a clear manner.

PSYC 602 - Psychometrics - Test theory, including reliability, validity, item response theory, and generalizability theory. In addition, the course offers hands-on experience with analysis software and discussion of practical issues such as test bias, item writing, and scale construction.

PSYC 630 - Advanced Topics in I-O - Topics will vary. Repeatable for different topics.

PSYC 631 - Individual Differences - Applied psychologists attempt to build theoretical and empirical models that effectively explain how variation in individual differences (e.g., cognitive ability, personality, motivation, interests) relates to variation in practically relevant outcomes (e.g., training effectiveness, job performance, response to clinical treatment). This course covers major theoretical and methodological approaches to this end.

PSYC 632 - Leadership - Examination of the major psychological approaches to the study of leadership. Emphasis is on theory and practice in formal organizations.

PSYC 634 - Personnel Psychology - Examination of the theory, research, and applications in personnel selection, including job analysis, job performance, evaluation of performance, validation of selection methods, and training.

PSYC 636 - Organizational Psychology - Contemporary theory and research in organizational psychology, including topics such as motivation, leadership, job satisfaction, occupational stress, social cognition in work organizations, and group processes.

PSYC 637 - Meta-Analysis - Meta-analysis is a popular tool for statistically aggregating effects across related psychological studies. Course topics traverse a wide range of issues, including developing and using a coding sheet, fixed- vs. random-effects models, analysis moderator effects, correcting for statistical artifacts, dealing with dependent outcomes and outliers, and detecting publication bias.

PSYC 651 - Topics in Social Psychology - Topics will vary. Repeatable for Credit.

PSYC 699 - Capstone Experience in I-O Psychology - This course is required for the MA in I-O Psychology. It is a multi-semester, hands-on applied experience that can take the form of either an internship, an applied research experience, or a portfolio of work that reflects the integration of I-O science and practice. Repeatable for Credit.