Psychometrics & Quantitative Psychology

Graduate students who are currently involved in any of the RIGS within Psychology have the opportunity to add a secondary major concentration in Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology. Students in this RIG obtain specialized skills related to the substantive development; statistical modeling and analysis; and resulting interpretation of psychological measures, experiments, and interventions.

Please note: Students must be affiliated with the Industrial-Organizational RIG, the Human Factors/Human-Computer Interaction RIG, or the Cognitive & Affective Neuroscience RIG in addition to the Psychometrics & Quantitative Psychology RIG.

Secondary Major Concentration

Even as a secondary major concentration, at least one graduate student research project (thesis, publication) is required to have a department-approved component pertaining to psychometrics and quantitative methods. This requires approval by faculty involved in this Major Concentration, who then informs the major advisor.

Baseline Courses

PSYC 502 and PSYC 503 (all psychology students take this)

Core Courses (all 3 required)

  1. PSYC 507 Research Methods
  2. PSYC 602 Psychometrics
  3. PSYC 631 Foundations of Individual Differences

Take three additional approved courses, such as

  1. PSYC 543 Computational Modeling of Cognitive Processes
  2. PSYC 601 Multivariate Statistics
  3. PSYC 635 Multilevel Modeling in Psychological Research
  4. PSYC 637 Meta-analysis
  5. PSYC 638 Structural Equation Modeling
  6. Department-approved courses outside of the Psychology Department

Please visit the Forms page to access the required paperwork to establish candidacy.