Supervised Research & Readings

PSYC 485 (Supervised Research) is designed for students who wish to acquire experience doing psychological research. PSYC 488 (Supervised Readings) is designed for students who wish to pursue a particular topic in psychology in depth. Both may be repeated for credit. Students are limited to no more than 12 hours credit in PSYC 485, 488 or their combination.

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor; course override required in order to enroll

Before registering for either course, students must speak with a faculty member in the Department of Psychological Sciences to obtain permission to register for the class. The faculty member will be responsible for supervising the student's work. The faculty member and student will sign a contract that specifies the student's responsibilities; a research report/paper is one of the requirements. The signed contract will be kept on file.

Students interested in earning PSYC 485 credit for work done at the Texas Medical Center should use the external supervised research contract rather than the standard one. Students should also meet with the TMC undergraduate research liaison, Dr. Bryan Denny, to discuss requirements.

Students interested in enrolling in PSYC 485 should review our list of current supervised research opportunities.