Progress Reports

At the end of each semester of the first and second year, students are required to provide a brief written report of what they have accomplished since the last report. Beyond the second year, students are required to submit a progress report only at the end of the spring semester. A form to be used for this purpose can be downloaded here. The student should submit two copies, one in PDF format via email to Carrie Hodgeson and the other to his/her advisor in the advisor's preferred format (hard copy or PDF), by 5:00 p.m. on the last day of classes.

The student’s overall performance is reviewed by the entire faculty. A recommendation will be made at this point concerning the student’s future in the program. Recommendations may include anything from constructive feedback and strong encouragement to, in rare cases, requiring the student to withdraw. Students will be given feedback by their advisor and/or their specialty committee shortly after the review. In addition, students will be reviewed by the faculty of their particular program.

We require students to make A’s and B’s in their courses. An A indicates excellent performance and a B satisfactory performance. We expect students to obtain mostly A’s in courses in their area. C’s do not satisfy Departmental requirements. A C+ is considered borderline performance and special arrangements must be made with the instructor of the course to satisfy the course requirement. A grade of C or below represents unacceptable performance and the course must be repeated to satisfy the requirement.

Students who fail to achieve a B- or better in a required course must re-take the course the next time it is offered, if they have not otherwise satisfied the requirement before the course begins. Normally, only one make-up chance will be granted. If there are extenuating circumstances, a student may appeal to the full faculty for a second make-up chance; in the case of PSYC 502, however, this option is not open.