The Psychology Department at Rice University is a unique blend of basic and applied psychology. Our breadth of research interests creates a unique learning and research environment. The primary emphasis in the department is on research, in both laboratory and applied settings.

Is #TheDress white and gold or blue and black? Rice expert on visual perception weighs in

What color is the dress? Some viewers saw gold and white while others insisted the dress is blue and black. Professor James Pomerantz said the phenomenon is rather elementary and can be easily explained.

Poll STAR: Rice team sets sights on better voting machine

Experts work with Travis County to design secure, easy-to-use, e-voting system. A group of Rice University engineers and social scientists has pulled together a team of U.S. experts to head off a little-known yet looming crisis facing elections officials nationwide.

Tamper-resistant voting methods yield 58 percent success rate

A Rice University study of tamper-resistant voting methods revealed that only 58 percent of ballots were successfully cast across three voting systems. The researchers concluded additional work is needed to make voting both secure and user-friendly.

Rice University to be part of NIH-funded Center for Mobile Sensor Data-to-Knowledge

Rice University’s Department of Psychology will use mobile sensing technologies to help people who are trying to stop smoking from having a relapse as a member of the National Institutes of Health’s new Center of Excellence for Mobile Sensor Data to Knowledge (MD2K).